Family traditions

Dear Parents
While making cookies this week we have talked about how we each have special things that we do at home at this time of year, which maybe different from other friends or family.
It would be fantastic if, when you see the post on tapestry you could comment on your family tradition so  we can develop this further with the children, and send in a photo from last year. It maybe you always go to a panto, or that you open a Xmas Eve box, you may hang your stockings on the end of the bed, or you watch a particular film or read a particular story.
We will look forward to hearing about how we all have our unique way of celebrating the same festival.
Karen Davies
Jack & Jill Pre-School
01425 673903

Autumn newsletter

Highly Commended at the New Forest Show

Again another outstanding effort went into our display for the New Forest Show which is sited in the Discovery Zone on the showground and was praised by the judges who awarded us Highly Commended for the second year running!!!!!
They said:-
Lovely smiles and enthusiasm, loved the cow with the rubber glove udder, display was great, kids enjoyed the game and had clearly learnt a lot about milk where it comes from and where it is used.
Karen Davies



Dear Parents,
Just a note for your diaries.
Friday 7th April you are all invited to join us for our Easter bunny trail. Session begins at 9am for children who usually attend Friday am  session.  Parents are invited to come back at 10 am to join in with Easter activities if you are free.
Children and their parents who do not usually come into Pre-School on a Friday are welcome to join us at 10 am for 2 hrs of Easter fun.
Karen Davies


Dear Parents,
I just wanted to share the fantastic learning that the children are experiencing. They are all aware that Spring has sprung as they have watched the daffodils and tulips bloom in the garden. The potatoes have been planted and we are awaiting the shoots to sprout.
As they beaver away we can hear children using the new vocabulary, naming parts of the flowers,  naming spring flowers and knowing what a plant needs to enable it to grow! Learnt through action songs!
Gross motor activities are so important to develop co-ordination and balance which will in turn enable fine motor skills to develop. This half term the cars and bikes have been really popular. As the children are getting more confident . we are concentrating on control and spatial awareness. I wonder if your child will get their driving licence for negotiating the cone obstacle course!
If you are involving your child in planting vegetables please enrich their vocabulary by talking through what you are doing and why. Encourage them to think about the equipment you might need.
If you are out on bikes or scooters set your child a challenge—-can they negotiate through a line of stones/sticks.
We would love to hear through tapestry how you are extending your child’s learning. It is added to your child’s learning journey which at the end of their time at Pre-School is placed on a CD and is yours to keep forever.
Happy Mother’s Day weekend.

January Newsletter

Dear Parents,
What a lovely week we have had discovering about the properties of ice especially with the frosty mornings as we started Pre-School. We are talking about animals that live in the arctic, playing pairs games, building igloos.
You might like to fill up some different shape and size containers with coloured water and put on a tray at home and see how your child plays, will it be imagination with small animals or people, will it be building with the shapes to make enclosures/ homes, or will it  be fascination at  what happens over a period of time. The concept of this being an effect of change can be seen in many ways eg add milk to powder to make a desert—Angel delight, add heat to corn to make popcorn.  Please talk to your child about these changes so they can make these connections and send us a photo for their learning journal.
Here is a picture of our new Golden rules board. Each branch has a golden rule:-,
to listen, ( to instructions, to each other, to story, to music)
take care of toys, ( putting toys away, looking after books)
share & take turns—this could be with a sibling or waiting a turn when you are talking (not interrupting!!),
kind hands.( holding the door open, using talk instead of hands to get what they want, being gentle with a sibling)
  If you see this happening perhaps you could collect a star sticker from staff and write the WOW to put on the blue board in the foyer, we will then add your child’s name that day to the Golden Rules Board.
Happy Learning and celebrating your child’s successes!!!!!
Karen Davies
Jack & Jill Pre-School