Jack & the Beanstalk

Dear Parents
Some of the children are watching our potatoes growing in the garden and have been interested in planting runner beans while retelling the story of Jack & the Beanstalk.
If your child has brought a plastic cup home with a wet paper towel and a bean seed in it please put it in a sunny spot in the house and encourage your child to look at it every day.  The paper towel will change colour when dry so you will know when to water it!
Very few children are using the words root, stem, leaves, flower, petals when they talk about plants so we are trying to increase their vocabulary and take an interest in the world around them.
So to help them as the seed germinates point out the roots, stem / stalk , leaves and flowers.
You might want to make a book with your child to record what has happened to the seed. This might be drawing of the seed now and then at different stages. Some of you might let your children take a photo now and then at different stages and stick into a book.
If you do please bring them in to show.
It has been wonderful to see pictures of your child with their daffodils they planted in the Autumn and took home—–THANK YOU this support makes everything we do so worthwhile.
Have fun!!
Karen Davies