Enjoy your half term break

Dear Parents,

Just to end the half term of topic about Growth and Healthy Eating off we had a visit from Tesco, Farm to Fork Scheme again today to help us encourage the children to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables every day.
On their fruit skewer they had red watermelon & raspberry, orange satsuma& apricot, yellow pineapple & banana, green kiwi, blue berries.
We were so proud of the children having such a positive attitude to trying a small piece, if only to put their tongue on the fruits. Maybe chatting to your children about how many different coloured fruits or vegetables they have eaten will tempt them to try a variety of foods. Perhaps a colour chart on the wall and adding a sticker to a colour when they try or eat  a piece of fruit or vegetable will help. We’d love to see the results!
For those of you whose children really enjoyed the growth of the caterpillars you may like to look up
They have a variety of different creatures your child can love and nurture.
We will continue with our Sporty Saplings sessions after half term, these
 have encourage physical exercise which not only adds to our Health & Well 
Being but is so important to develop gross motor skills which in turn will
 strengthen the muscles needed for writing. Many of the children are excited
 to tell us that they can now ride 2 wheeled bikes!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in making this
 half term such an exciting one, by giving us such positive feedback through 
comments and pictures on tapestry.
We look forward to the children’s return on Monday 6th June after the FUN RUN on
 Sunday 5th June—-let’s hope the sun will shine.
Happy, Healthy Half Term Break from all the Jack & Jill Team.
Karen Davies