January Newsletter

Dear Parents,
What a lovely week we have had discovering about the properties of ice especially with the frosty mornings as we started Pre-School. We are talking about animals that live in the arctic, playing pairs games, building igloos.
You might like to fill up some different shape and size containers with coloured water and put on a tray at home and see how your child plays, will it be imagination with small animals or people, will it be building with the shapes to make enclosures/ homes, or will it  be fascination at  what happens over a period of time. The concept of this being an effect of change can be seen in many ways eg add milk to powder to make a desert—Angel delight, add heat to corn to make popcorn.  Please talk to your child about these changes so they can make these connections and send us a photo for their learning journal.
Here is a picture of our new Golden rules board. Each branch has a golden rule:-,
to listen, ( to instructions, to each other, to story, to music)
take care of toys, ( putting toys away, looking after books)
share & take turns—this could be with a sibling or waiting a turn when you are talking (not interrupting!!),
kind hands.( holding the door open, using talk instead of hands to get what they want, being gentle with a sibling)
  If you see this happening perhaps you could collect a star sticker from staff and write the WOW to put on the blue board in the foyer, we will then add your child’s name that day to the Golden Rules Board.
Happy Learning and celebrating your child’s successes!!!!!
Karen Davies
Jack & Jill Pre-School