Dear Parents

A big Thank you to those of you who are using the tapestry app to help support your child’s learning. Among the photos from home have been…….

 Celebrations e.g. family birthdays and days out with friends, growing fairy gardens, planting vegetables which helps support Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Getting dressed without help, helping to prepare food—chopping, cutting, spreading which supports Physical development.

Helping care for a sibling.-Personal Social and Emotional Development

So I thought I would send this helpful advice from a parent, which has already encouraged many of you to begin a 2 way dialogue about your child’s learning.

Here is my advice/tips on using the tapestry learning journal:

  • First of all, if you have a Smartphone, download the Tapestry App. It makes uploading posts to your child’s learning journal so much easier, it’s just like updating Facebook or Instagram!
  • Once you have logged on to Tapestry via the app, you then can set up a 4 digit pin to for logging in afterwards. I have the app on the first screen on my phone, which helps to remind  you!
  • At first I would struggle to remember to update Tapestry but after a while it is habit forming, and I often remember now to take a quick photo with my phone when my daughter is doing an activity and post it to Tapestry with a few comments. If you can, it might be easier to just quickly do a post at the same time as taking the photo, then you don’t have to remember to do it afterwards! Or you could pop a reminder in your phone to update Tapestry later so that it doesn’t take you away from the activity with your child.
  • Of course you could purposely set something up to post on Tapestry but I find I don’t need to do that, as there are so many things which would compliment your child’s learning journal from everyday tasks and activities like helping to make dinner, riding a bike, going on a nature walk, reading a favourite book, playing a board game etc! The list goes on and on!
  • The posts you make to Tapestry don’t have to be particularly lengthy, just a couple of comments will be absolutely fine! Be as detailed as you feel necessary.
  • Honestly the more you do it, the more you’ll just have it in your mind ‘Oh that would be a good thing to put on Tapestry, I’ll just take a photo’. Sharing what your child engages with outside of Pre-school can only enhance the joined up learning experience they are being provided with and it’s lovely for them to be able to share with pre-school the things they love to do and learn at home too.
Karen Davies