Spring newsletter

Dear Parents

As we approach the end of the week and the end of a half term I am reflecting on how the children have embraced the traditional tales we have read, 3 Little pigs, Enormous Turnip, Gingerbread Man, 3 Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks. So many of them are using familiar phrases to re-enact the stories with small world toys, construction and physical apparatus. This has expanded their vocabulary and encouraged interaction with their peers.
We have started to talk about letters choosing a letter a week covering a, d, m,s to date. So when you are out and about or even in your own homes point out objects or even the letters on packaging which begin with the sound of those letters. We use the sound of the letter and not the name. Some of the children are enjoying eye spy but I say the letter sound and point to the object.
At snack time we are using mathematical language asking the children to collect the same number of plates as we have cups for instance. We are developing the concept of cutting in half as they like to make pictures with their fruit and veg.but of course one circle of carrot needs to be cut to make two eyes. For some the language of quarter is developing.
Balance has been a physical theme,  Draw a chalk line on the floor in the garden, place sticks in a line when in the forest, or pebbles on the beach and walk along them. Balance on one leg for a count of 3 this is more attainable at first and gives an end to the activity. Hoping the weather will be good enough for bike riding this half term. We have introduced the idea of filling the tank with litres and paying with gentle taps on a hand to represent the number of pounds.In Yoga yesterday Jax gave each child a tie which they placed under their foot,while lying on the ground. They  held tight with one hand and raised and lowered their leg. Please take care that the tie is used with adult supervision but great to try together!!!
Hoping you all enjoy your time with your children they have been a delight to work with this half term and give yourselves a pat on the back for taking the time to make them independent with doing those tricky zips and buttons!

Karen Davies