Music, music, music!

Dear Parents.
Over the past few weeks we have not only made musical instruments but have enjoyed accompanying songs with musical instruments, home made and purchased.
 Why not have a go at home— pasta, rice, buttons, beads all make good sounds in pringle pots or tuperware containers. If the containers are the same but contents are different can your child hear the difference? Some children may be ready for filling with the same contents but different amounts and listening to hear if the sound is the same or different. Stretching elastic bands over plastic  trays or Tupperware can be plucked too. You could make 4 instruments, 2 of them the same sound, can your child find the 2 that match?
We have played as an orchestra—our new word. The group watches the  conductor wave his/her hand or stick/baton and plays. Once the baton is still we stop playing. If the baton is pointed at one person only that person plays. This like musical statues develops the chlld’s listening and attention skills. If your child enjoys physical activities simply running around the garden with you calling out stop/go will achieve the same end result.
If you are inspired to make an instrument at home please send it in with your child
 for show and tell and we can use it in our orchestra!!!
Hope your weekend is not too noisy!!!!
Karen Davies